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Websites as Dresses

27 Apr

Have you ever wished you could wear your favorite website?  Um…yeah me neither.  But designer Victor Faretina apparently did and so created conceptual dresses for some of the big ones- Google, Twitter, Yahoo, etc. 

They’re pretty cool!





Thoughts?  I think the Wikipedia and the Google dresses are my favorite.  You can see more dresses (YouTube, Mega Upload, Twitter, etc) if you click here.  Which one do you like best?  Would you ever actually wear these?


Europe According to Americans

19 Apr

I thought this was hilarious- and kind of true (lol Dracula)

There is also Europe according to the British:

And, of course, the French:

And finally, Europe according to the Swiss:

Which one is your favorite?  I think I like the French one the best, it’s so ridiculous!  Check out bigger pictures here.

A Duck Who Thinks He’s a Dog

13 Apr

Remember when I told you about the sheep who thinks he’s a dog?  

Well, take a look at this duck who plays fetch!  He’s so cute!

Zoltar’s Back…plus a double dutching doggie!

12 Apr

Whew it’s been a while since I last posted.  Sorry!  I have the usual excuses- work got busy, life got crazy-  but the good news is I’m back!  And will try to be more regular about my postings.

On to important things- I found an awesome video you should see.  Behold, Geronimo the double dutching doggie! 

Doesn’t he look so happy?   Can you double dutch?  I was pretty terrible at it when I was younger- jumping in was always hard!  Do kids these days even jump rope anymore?