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Is This the Cutest Soccer Player Ever?

11 Oct

Meet Triton, the lion who loves to play soccer.  I’ve never seen a big cat respond to being called, but Triton knows his name and gets excited to play with the ball.  The part where he dives into the water is my absolute fav.

Look at those paws!  He is SO cute!

Which Red Sox Player Are You?

11 Aug

Who doesn’t love a good personality quiz?  Click this link to find out which Red Sox player you’re most like!

I got Big Papi.  I’m “admired greatly for speaking loudly and carrying a big stick.” 

Who’d you get? 

You can also find out which Bruins player you’re most like by taking the B’s quiz here.  Have fun!

NBA Doppelgangers

1 Jul

Do you ever watch basketball and think man, Chris Bosh looks exactly like Snoop Dogg? 

I swear they’re twins!   Now there’s an entire Tumblr dedicated to NBA doppelgangers.  Here are some of my favorites:

Walter Hermann/FabioWalter Hermann | Fabio

Mike Bibby/Verne TroyerMike Bibby | Verne Troyer

Andrei Kirilenko/Dolph LundgrenAndrei Kirilenko | Dolph Lundgren

Check out more comparisons on the site here

Who’s your favorite doppelganger?