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Dogs in Costume

26 Oct

Happy Halloween weekend everyone!

How cute are these doggies in costume?  They were all at the Tompkins Square Annual Halloween Dog Parade.

Mr. T (he’s a French bulldog not a boxer- shame on you ABC News!)

Dogs Dress Up for Halloween Parade

Evita (LOL)

Dogs Dress Up for Halloween Parade

Fire truck
Dogs Dress Up for Halloween Parade

Double decker tour bus

Dogs Dress Up for Halloween Parade

For more parade photos, go here.  What are you being for Halloween?


Halloween Costume Ideas

25 Oct

Halloween weekend is coming right up- do you have your costume ready?  My friends and I love Halloween so we plan well in advance, but just in case you guys need last-minute ideas, here are my predictions for the biggest costumes of 2011.  Feel free to use one of them!

Black Swan
Expect to see a lot of swans running around- I’m betting most people prefer to be the black one.  It’s a great costume because it’s cute but still involves lots of crazy makeup.  Plus, what girl doesn’t like wearing a tutu?


Occupy Something
I have a feeling I’ll see a few Occupy Boston (or fill in your city) costumes.  It’s a controversial  movement but I think that  just makes people more eager to spoof it.  It’s also a really easy costume to make, perfect for the lazy last-minute party-goer.

With the new movie coming out in November, it wouldn’t surprise me to see some Twi-hards rocking fangs and colored contact lenses. 

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see zombies.  They’re always a popular costume, but with the new season of Walking Dead just beginning, you might see more zombies than you planned on!

Some more thoughts-

“Too Soon” Costume- Muammar Gaddafi
“So 2010” Costume- Snookie from Jersey Shore
“I Made My Boyfriend Wear It” Costume- Prince William & Kate Middleton

What are you being for Halloween?  What do you think the most popular costume this year will be?