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Hilarious Photo Project

26 Sep

Someone told me yesterday that Christmas is only 90 days away.  Insane!  Fortunately for you, I already have the perfect stocking stuffer- this World’s Best Father 2013 Calendar, aka funniest calendar I’ve seen in a while.

Dave Engledow started taking creative pictures with his daughter Alice Bee when she was born.  What started out as a whim quickly turned into an ongoing photo project.  Dave portrays a parody of the father he would never want to become–“distracted, self-absorbed, neglectful, clueless, or even occasionally overbearing.”

Here are some of my favorite pictures-

There are over 50 pictures in the series, so definitely check out his facebook page if you want to see more.  Which picture was your favorite?


Flying Baby

23 Feb

Doesn’t it feel like today should be a Friday?  Even though I had Monday off for President’s Day, this week has been DRAGGING. 

I came across these flying baby pictures though and they helped  cheer me up.  They remind me of Peter Pan!

Sink Fly

Hotel Flying

Check out the rest of Rachel Hulin’s pictures here.

What Kind of Fish Are You?

2 Dec

That must have been the question on photographer Ted Sabarese’s mind when he created his latest series of photographs.  I think they’re remarkable!  I had no idea you could find fish that looked so much like these people.  What fish would you look like?

Check out more pictures here

Dreaming Art

14 Oct

Photographer Jan von Holleben created a series of delightfully creative photographs for a German magazine.  Each one uses everyday objects to display a girl’s dreams come to life.  I love them!

Here are some of my favorites:

Want to see more pictures or learn more about this project?  Click here.

Which photograph do you like best?  I’m torn between the car and the ocean one!