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80’s Mall Madness

25 May

Ah the 80’s.  A simpler time when getting dressed meant throwing a large t-shirt over some leggings, and doing your hair meant finishing off a bottle of hair spray…. times were simpler then.  And judging by these AMAZING pictures of mall-goers in 1989, a lot more entertaining. 

Look at this hair!

Do people still get letters in high school?

So much to love here. Man tanks, quasi mullets, black sneaks…perfection.

This picture is amazing. First of all, what the heck is Tape World?  I’m guessing like Blockbuster only exclusively with VHS tapes?  Also make sure to notice the handsome devil in the background, in the tiny shorts and mustache.

Flannel and a dad in denim on denim.  Dad’s jeans are a pretty dark wash for the 80’s.  He was ahead of his time!

If you want to see a lot more amazing pictures, check them out here.  What was your favorite 80’s fashion statement?


Is This the New Planking?

24 Aug

Move over planking, there’s a new internet craze in town.  This one’s called Horsemanning, and it involves taking a picture of two people so that it looks like one of them was beheaded.  People are getting pretty creative!  Here are some of my favorite pictures:

The Beginning of it All

Deli Danger

It Wasn't Here in Under 30 Minutes


You can see more pictures here.  Which one is your favorite?