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Animals Eating Watermelon- Cutest Videos Ever?

20 Oct

Everyone loves watermelon.  EVERYONE.  Even animals can’t resist it.  But each animal has a specific style of eating it.  Which one do you like best?


The LICKER (have you ever seen a fluffier cat???)

The SPEED EATERS (someone get me that grey guinea pig stat!)  

I love them all!

Louis Vuitton Animals

11 Oct

Louis Vuitton is celebrating their centennial in a pretty unusual way- by fashioning their purses, key chains, and clutches into animal sculptures!   At first glance, you don’t realize what the animals are made of…what a creative idea!

Here are some of my favorites:

The collection will go on tour later this year.  I hope it comes to Boston because I would love to see it!  Click here for more animal sculptures.  Which one is your favorite?

Is This the Cutest Soccer Player Ever?

11 Oct

Meet Triton, the lion who loves to play soccer.  I’ve never seen a big cat respond to being called, but Triton knows his name and gets excited to play with the ball.  The part where he dives into the water is my absolute fav.

Look at those paws!  He is SO cute!