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Fish Tank Bed- Do Want!

20 Sep

I have a love/hate relationship with fish.  I think sharks are fascinating, I can watch Shark Week all day every day!  But I hate little fish that dart around unpredictably in the water when I’m trying to swim- they creep me out.  The thought of one brushing against me literally makes me skin crawl.  It’s a weird phobia!

Looking at fish though, is a whole other story.  I love going to aquariums and seeing all the sea life.  I think it’s amazing how many different types of fish there are; some of them are so brightly colored they almost look fake. And there’s something very relaxing about aquariums, the water is mesmerizing.  Which is why I think this bed would be awesome:

650 Gallon Aquarium Bed

Seriously, how cool is that?  Who needs to count sheep when you can count fish, literally.  This bed is filled with 650 gallons of water and can be yours for the small sum of $11,500 (not including fish!).

Buy it immediately and watch the sleepover requests start rolling in!

What Kind of Fish Are You?

2 Dec

That must have been the question on photographer Ted Sabarese’s mind when he created his latest series of photographs.  I think they’re remarkable!  I had no idea you could find fish that looked so much like these people.  What fish would you look like?

Check out more pictures here