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Rain Room

12 Oct

Normally I’m not a fan of installation art- leaving a room empty on purpose, having a few lights go on and off, and calling that art? No thanks.  The rain room installation however? Totally awesome.

You approach a room where it’s pouring rain.  As soon as you step inside, high-tech cameras ensure the rain stops around you.  So you can walk through the pouring rain but you stay totally dry- the water rains around your body.

It has to be seen to be believed, so click on the picture below to check out the video.  I would be scared to take that first step into the rain, and it looks like the people in the video also can’t believe they won’t get wet.

So cool.  If you’re in the UK, go check it out!

The Real Starry Night

12 Jul

I feel like almost everyone is familiar with Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” right?

Have you ever wondered what inspired it?  Alex Ruiz has created a digital painting that imagines what Van Gogh might have seen when he was creating his iconic painting.   Isn’t it beautiful?

If you’re interested in buying a print, they’re available here.

Strangely Awesome Buildings

29 Jun

This post is courtesy of Montonsoup who sent me this link of 50 crazy buildings.  I really want to see some of these in person, I can’t believe they exist!

The Crooked House in Sopot, Poland
The Crooked House

The Ideal Palace in France- this reminds me of a sand castle for some reason.
Ferdinand Cheval Palace a.k.a Ideal Palace (France)

Stone House in Portugal-  this reminds me of The Hobbit!
Stone House (Guimarães, Portugal)

Erwin Wurm: House Attack in Austria

Erwin Wurm: House Attack (Viena, Austria)
For more pictures and details on these buildings, check out this site.  There are 50 buildings total and they’re all strange but cool!

The Most Beautiful Data You’ll Ever See

27 Jun

Has anyone seen the show “America Revealed” on PBS?  It explores the patterns and rhythms that make America work and displays complicated data flows in the most beautiful ways.

This is what America’s internet access looks like:
This picture is of U.S. job losses
Here is what Domino’s pizza supply chain looks like- isn’t it hauntingly beautiful?

And here is the route of a pizza delivery man in Manhattan:

You can watch episodes of America Revealed (and see more beautiful pictures!)  for free on PBS’s website- http://www.pbs.org/america-revealed/

Europe According to Americans

19 Apr

I thought this was hilarious- and kind of true (lol Dracula)

There is also Europe according to the British:

And, of course, the French:

And finally, Europe according to the Swiss:

Which one is your favorite?  I think I like the French one the best, it’s so ridiculous!  Check out bigger pictures here.

Minimalist Movie Posters

28 Feb

Check out these reimagined posters for several Pixar movies.  Aren’t they clever? I love the Ratatouille one!

You can see more posters here.  Which one do you like best?

Broken CD’s Never Looked This Good

17 Feb

Sean Avery turns shards of broken CD’s into beautiful animal sculptures.  Aren’t they awesome?

  Animal Sculptures Made from Shattered CDs sculpture mixed media CDs art

Animal Sculptures Made from Shattered CDs sculpture mixed media CDs art

Animal Sculptures Made from Shattered CDs sculpture mixed media CDs art

He has a ton more, so check them out here!   Which one is your favorite?

Let There be Light!

13 Jan

I love these Balloon Lights from Estiluz

I’m not sure they’d look good in just any old room, but the way they have it set
up in the picture is darling.  I also like the painted walls!

Have you ever tried color light therapy?  The thought is different colors can change your mood.  For example, green relaxes while red stimulates.  Now you can get a colored light therapy egg night light for every emotion!

How’d you like to wait at this traffic light in London?

Luckily it’s just a sculpture!

An Explosion of Color- Sticker Art!

3 Jan

An artist in Australia let a bunch of kids go nuts with stickers.  The result? A  sterile white room was transformed into a colorful explosion of fun!  Aren’t these pictures awesome?



What a simple, but awesome idea!  For more info/pictures, click here.

What Kind of Fish Are You?

2 Dec

That must have been the question on photographer Ted Sabarese’s mind when he created his latest series of photographs.  I think they’re remarkable!  I had no idea you could find fish that looked so much like these people.  What fish would you look like?

Check out more pictures here