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Impressions by Isaac

11 Jan

I’m always amazed by people who can do impressions, especially when they have a range as wide as Isaac does.  The Simpsons, Family Guy, Disney characters…he does it all!

Which one was your favorite?  I thought “The Joker” was chillingly accurate.  And Peter Griffin was spot on too!



Would You Fight This Ninja?

24 Oct

Improv in Toronto had a ninja stand on the street and challenge people to fight him….would you do it?  Those who did quickly found out that ninjas never travel alone.  

Their reactions are pretty funny.  I love the man in the blazer’s fencing moves.  Impressive!

Need a bigger ninja fix?  Head on over to Fannypack Ninjas to see what’s new!

Celebrity Alphabet

18 Oct

Jim Meskimen does the alphabet one celebrity impression at a time, and it’s pretty impressive!  I think his Clooney is awesome, and his John Malkovich is so good it’s actually scary!

Check it out: