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Which Red Sox Player Are You?

11 Aug

Who doesn’t love a good personality quiz?  Click this link to find out which Red Sox player you’re most like!

I got Big Papi.  I’m “admired greatly for speaking loudly and carrying a big stick.” 

Who’d you get? 

You can also find out which Bruins player you’re most like by taking the B’s quiz here.  Have fun!



15 Jun

In Boston one thing has dominated the headlines lately- the Bruins’ quest for the Stanley Cup.  Even people who never watch hockey are tuning in to see if history is made- the B’s haven’t won since 1972 and the Vancouver Canucks have never won so both teams want it badly.

 Tonight is Game 7 of what’s been a crazy series full of goals, fights, and intense emotions.  I’m pretty sure Boston is going to erupt in riots whether they win or lose, but I’m really hoping the Bruins can bring home the Cup!

Have you ever wondered what Bruins player you’re most like?  Take this test to find out!  Apparently I’m like Shawn Thorton. I must say, the man knows how to grow an awesome ‘stache-

Are you planning on watching the game tonight?  Who are you cheering for?