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Rainbow Baby Chickens

31 Aug

The post title pretty much says it all.  Chicken farmers in the Middle East have discovered a way to inject chicken embryos with ink, resulting in baby chickens in every color of the rainbow. 

 I’m not sure if this is a safe practice, but they sure are adorable!

Is This the New Planking?

24 Aug

Move over planking, there’s a new internet craze in town.  This one’s called Horsemanning, and it involves taking a picture of two people so that it looks like one of them was beheaded.  People are getting pretty creative!  Here are some of my favorite pictures:

The Beginning of it All

Deli Danger

It Wasn't Here in Under 30 Minutes


You can see more pictures here.  Which one is your favorite?

Super Mario Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before!

22 Aug

Dance competitions can be cool (sometimes) but add the Mario brothers to the mix and you get this epic performance.  It brings the house down! 

Keep your eye out for the instant replay:

DIY Spa Water

18 Aug

I don’t like to drink plain water.  I don’t know why, but it rarely quenches my thirst and I always find it so, well, boring!  However, I love the infused waters you usually find at spas.  And I got to thinking, how easy would it be to make some at home?

Answer? REALLY easy! 

Lemon-Infused Spa Water
1 lemon
1 pitcher of cold water

Fill your pitcher with cold water.  Cut up your lemon into rings.

Using the tip of your knife, gently remove the pits from each lemon slice.  Lightly squeeze some juice out of each slice into the pitcher, then drop the entire slice in!

And that’s basically it!  Put the pitcher in the fridge to chill, and to allow the lemons to infuse the water.  I let mine chill for about 20 minutes, and then poured myself a tall delicious glassful. 

This lemon infused water is so refreshing, and it feels a little luxurious too.  Close your eyes and pretend you’re at the spa!

If you don’t love lemons, you can also infuse your water with other things.  Some ideas- strawberries, limes, cucumbers, or mint!

Colored Jeans and Dancing Men

17 Aug

It’s hump day.  Which means the week is halfway over.  Which might prompt you to break out into a little song and dance.  Perhaps a la the gentlemen below? 

Do their colored jeans remind anyone else of old Gap commercials?

Surprise Wedding- Most Romantic Idea Ever?

15 Aug

Fair warning- this video will make you tear up.  It’s SO romantic, and so sweet.  This man spent a year planning a surprise wedding for his girlfriend.  He secretly got her opinion on what she would want for her wedding, then incorporated all her decisions into the big day.  When she shows up to the party, she has NO idea what’s about to happen.

His attention to detail in everything from the decorations to her bridesmaids shows just how much he loves her.  A surprise wedding isn’t for everyone but this is definitely one of the most romantic things I’ve seen in a long time!


Just Dance

12 Aug

Happy Friday ZTM readers!  Sometimes you just gotta dance like nobody’s watching…even if everybody’s watching. And video taping.

This Video Will Blow Your Mind

12 Aug

I can’t decide how I feel about this video.  I  love doggies, and this dog is pretty amazing.  But is this video real?  Can a dog really do parkour? 

I also hope no one is forcing him to do these stunts.  Though from the video, it looks like the dog is happy and doing things on his own.  Check it out!

Which Red Sox Player Are You?

11 Aug

Who doesn’t love a good personality quiz?  Click this link to find out which Red Sox player you’re most like!

I got Big Papi.  I’m “admired greatly for speaking loudly and carrying a big stick.” 

Who’d you get? 

You can also find out which Bruins player you’re most like by taking the B’s quiz here.  Have fun!

Redbones BBQ

10 Aug

Recently, I found myself craving BBQ.  Although I’ve had Redbones BBQ before, I had never been to the actual restaurant so my boyfriend and I decided to make a trip out there.   I was pleasantly surprised to find it relatively hipster free (no small feat in Davis Sq!) and with a very friendly atmosphere. 

We were seated right away and the food came fast.  A great thing because I was starving!  Redbones serves its drinks in mason jars- so cute!  And my lemonade was delicious.

We ordered a feast!  My pulled pork sandwich was SO good.  The pork was tender, and the BBQ sauces were all excellent.

Word on the street is, the Redbones food truck will be cruising around Boston soon.  It’ll park at different locations and serve lunch and dinner.  I can’t wait to visit it!  I imagine it’s a bit bigger than the truck outside the restaurant now….

Do you have a favorite local BBQ place?