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Pancake Art

10 May

Are you hungry?  Well you might be after you read this post!  Check out these amazing artsy pancakes created by Nathan Shields:

08-03 March 20121

Marine animals (I think these might be my favorite!)

10-03 March 2012

Organs (not as appetizing but still cool!)

Check out many more pancake designs here.

I would love to see Nathan incorporate some chocolate chips into his designs, chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite!  


Awesome Art Prints

1 Aug

I recently came across these cool art prints by Marcoooooo.  The artist uses food and everyday items in unexpected ways to create some pretty interesting pictures.  These are some of my favorites:

Hoot! Night Owl!
Hoot! Night Owl! Art Print

Clip Art No. 2 Behemoth!
Clip Art No.2: Behemoth! Art Print
Hot Wings!
Hot Wings! Art Print

You can check out the rest of the collection and buy prints here.  Which print is your favorite?