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A Duck Who Thinks He’s a Dog

13 Apr

Remember when I told you about the sheep who thinks he’s a dog?  

Well, take a look at this duck who plays fetch!  He’s so cute!

Zoltar’s Back…plus a double dutching doggie!

12 Apr

Whew it’s been a while since I last posted.  Sorry!  I have the usual excuses- work got busy, life got crazy-  but the good news is I’m back!  And will try to be more regular about my postings.

On to important things- I found an awesome video you should see.  Behold, Geronimo the double dutching doggie! 

Doesn’t he look so happy?   Can you double dutch?  I was pretty terrible at it when I was younger- jumping in was always hard!  Do kids these days even jump rope anymore?

Puppy Stampede!

15 Feb

Happy hump day!

This video will bring some cuteness into your life- it’s a puppy stampede!  The picture is misleading….so just watch the vid!

Don’t you want to scoop one of these little guys up? When they’re all charging at full speed my heart just melts!

If you only watch one video this weekend, make it this one

3 Feb

This is probably the cutest video I’ve seen all year.  Seriously.

42 St. Bernards.  Frolicking in the woods.  I want to be that little boy!

Which Patriot Player Are You?

2 Feb

Oh yes, it’s time for another quiz!  With the Super Bowl only days away, you need to find out ASAP which Patriot player you’re most like.

Hurry- click here!  Who’d you get?  I got Vince Wilfork. Large and in charge!

Are you cheering for the Patriots or the Giants on Sunday?  I’m not usually a Pats fan but since the Giants beat the Packers, I think I’m going to have to side with New England this time.  Either way, it should be a great game.

I’m also hoping the commercials are fun.  I think they fell a little short last year although this Bridgestone “Reply All” one was epic!

The Bark Side

19 Jan

Now that the Packers are out of the playoffs, the things I’m looking forward to the most in the Super Bowl are the commericals! This one from Volkswagon is creative and adorable.

Check out all these doggies barking the Imperial March from Star Wars.  And keep your eyes peeled for Chewy and an AT-AT!

Impressions by Isaac

11 Jan

I’m always amazed by people who can do impressions, especially when they have a range as wide as Isaac does.  The Simpsons, Family Guy, Disney characters…he does it all!

Which one was your favorite?  I thought “The Joker” was chillingly accurate.  And Peter Griffin was spot on too!


Dancing with an ipod in Public

7 Dec

You know when you have your ipod on and you’re walking along to the beat and life seems great?  Then you take out your headphones and realize how silent it is…and that maybe you were singing along a little loudly?   

This video takes that to a whole other level.  Nothing  like dancing your heart out to Mariah’s All I Want For Christmas. In a mall. With an ipod.  Click the picture to watch the video!


I know what you’re thinking, where can I get a sweater like that?  Here you go:

A lady’s wreath sweater in elegant winter white.

A lovely unisex poinsettia print sweatshirt.

A candy cane sweater in a delicate shade of mint green, with candy cane accents.

Holiday Spirit

1 Dec

It’s the first day of December.  Know what that means?  Time to get in the holiday spirit! 

WordPress recently disabled video embedding which sucks.  Since I don’t want to pay $100 to embed this video, click the link instead.

Improv Everywhere + Santa + a riff on the Marshall’s spontaneous Christmas song commericals= holiday spirit like wo!



The Coolest Running Ad Ever?

15 Nov

Could you keep up with an elite marathoner…for 60 ft?  Judging by this video, the answer for almost everyone is no. 

To promote the 2011 NY marathon, Asics set up a video installation in NYC that lets you race U.S. Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall for 60 ft.  Ryan runs at an astonishing 4:46 minute mile pace.  I couldn’t even run 1 mile at that pace, and he runs 26.2 of them. Unreal!