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The Cutest World Record Ever?

16 Sep

I think it might be.  Check out this video of 13 dogs skipping rope at the same time.  It’s adorable! 


Uchida Geinousha is the dogs’ handler, and they are based in Japan.   I love how the dogs are all different sizes but are still so coordinated!


This Video Will Blow Your Mind

12 Aug

I can’t decide how I feel about this video.  I  love doggies, and this dog is pretty amazing.  But is this video real?  Can a dog really do parkour? 

I also hope no one is forcing him to do these stunts.  Though from the video, it looks like the dog is happy and doing things on his own.  Check it out!

Useful Dog Tricks

9 Aug

Picture it: you’re laying on the couch, really craving a soda (or beer) but you can’t bring yourself to get up.  Instead, you ask your dog to bring it to you.  Impossible dream?  Not if you own a dog like Jesse! 

This little Jack Russell Terrier knows all kinds of useful tricks. He recycles, packs a suitcase, and even shops at Petco.  Adorable!