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Let’s Go to the Movies…

29 Jun

I recently started using Netflix and I love it.  I manage my queue like it’s my job, and I try to maximize the number of  movies I see per month.   Sorry Netflix, you’re not making money off this kid!  Anyway, Netflix definitely revolutionized the video rental industry and now one company is trying to do the same with movies in the theater.

MoviePass, a start-up company, will be offering customers access to unlimited movies in a theater for $50 a month.  Read the article here.   

I don’t know about your town, but here in Boston movie tickets are usually around $10 a pop.  So in order to save money, I’d have to see six movies a month.  Honestly, I don’t think there is ever a month where there are six movies in the theater I’m dying to see.  Also movie turnover isn’t that quick so I can’t imaging seeing twelve movies in two months.  And good luck getting your friends to come see Snow Dogs 5 with you!

Still, I think this is an interesting idea and has some potential if they tweak the model a little bit.  Maybe add in some free theater popcorn?  Snacks make the movie!

Would you pay $50 a month for unlimited theater movies?