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Funny Licence Plates

19 Nov

I always thought it’d be fun to have a funny licence plate (mine is just a boring jumble of letters and numbers) so I enjoyed these vanity plates from around the country- and Canada!  They’re funny and creative (and some are a little non-PC)

This first one is a hearse-

(via Imgur/http://imgur.com/msa5V)

(via Imgur/http://imgur.com/Km90B)

STOLEN license plate (via Philip Szczelina/Instagram http://bit.ly/TKt6Pd)

TIMMAY license plate (via Anthony Woods/Instagram http://bit.ly/TKftzJ)

(via Imgur/http://imgur.com/v13PJ)

(via Imgur/http://imgur.com/O48ZS)

(via Imgur/http://imgur.com/XTJHL)

(via Imgur/http://imgur.com/yogSG)

(via Imgur/http://imgur.com/ymGdM)

(via Imgur/http://imgur.com/jt7OV)

(via Imgur/http://imgur.com/6815a)

There are some more funny licence plates here.  Which one is your favorite?