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Which Patriot Player Are You?

2 Feb

Oh yes, it’s time for another quiz!  With the Super Bowl only days away, you need to find out ASAP which Patriot player you’re most like.

Hurry- click here!  Who’d you get?  I got Vince Wilfork. Large and in charge!

Are you cheering for the Patriots or the Giants on Sunday?  I’m not usually a Pats fan but since the Giants beat the Packers, I think I’m going to have to side with New England this time.  Either way, it should be a great game.

I’m also hoping the commercials are fun.  I think they fell a little short last year although this Bridgestone “Reply All” one was epic!


The Bark Side

19 Jan

Now that the Packers are out of the playoffs, the things I’m looking forward to the most in the Super Bowl are the commericals! This one from Volkswagon is creative and adorable.

Check out all these doggies barking the Imperial March from Star Wars.  And keep your eyes peeled for Chewy and an AT-AT!

The Coolest Running Ad Ever?

15 Nov

Could you keep up with an elite marathoner…for 60 ft?  Judging by this video, the answer for almost everyone is no. 

To promote the 2011 NY marathon, Asics set up a video installation in NYC that lets you race U.S. Olympic marathoner Ryan Hall for 60 ft.  Ryan runs at an astonishing 4:46 minute mile pace.  I couldn’t even run 1 mile at that pace, and he runs 26.2 of them. Unreal!

Hip Hop & Horses

14 Nov

Dressage set to hip hop, what’s not to love?  Sometimes things just go together, and this is one of those times.  

A proper gentleman astride a beautiful horse….with some Lil Kim thrown in. Boom!  Happy Monday!



Party Rock Packers

4 Nov

Remember last year when the Packers won the Superbowl?  Yeah, it was epic!   The Pack is doing well this year (perfect season so far) and it’s inspiring some amazing fan videos.

This parody video is one of the best I’ve seen.  Breakdancing, Packer lingerie, cheeseheads…what more could you ask for?

Someone get me those gold pants stat!

Fingers crossed we make it to the Superbowl again!

Flash Mob Haka

6 Sep

This is the best flash mob I’ve ever seen.  A group of New Zealanders takes over a mall in Auckland to do the haka.  It’s so badass!

Apparently they did it in honor of the Rugby World Cup.  I actually have a kiwi connection these days since my sister is studying there for a semester.  If she goes to some of the games we might get some firsthand accounts!

This Video Will Blow Your Mind

12 Aug

I can’t decide how I feel about this video.  I  love doggies, and this dog is pretty amazing.  But is this video real?  Can a dog really do parkour? 

I also hope no one is forcing him to do these stunts.  Though from the video, it looks like the dog is happy and doing things on his own.  Check it out!

Which Red Sox Player Are You?

11 Aug

Who doesn’t love a good personality quiz?  Click this link to find out which Red Sox player you’re most like!

I got Big Papi.  I’m “admired greatly for speaking loudly and carrying a big stick.” 

Who’d you get? 

You can also find out which Bruins player you’re most like by taking the B’s quiz here.  Have fun!

I’m on a Boat!

5 Jul

Did you have a good Fourth of July weekend?  I had a blast, but I honestly think it will take me all week to recover from all the parties, food, and sparkling cocktails! 

One of the best things about living in Boston is the ocean.  I don’t get to go out on the water as often as I’d like to, but I was lucky enough to go on a (free!) boat cruise this weekend.  The Spirit of Boston is one seriously nice boat-

We cruised around the harbor for two hours and the weather was perfect.  There were lots of other boats out on the water.

I love the view of Boston from the harbor.

After the cruise, my boyfriend and I wandered over to Fan Pier where the Extreme Sailing Series was taking place.  They had a whole village set up with food and drink tents, music, giveaways, and more.  It was cool to see all the boats- they travel all over the world but Boston was their only U.S. stop.

At the sailing village, we saw Mayor Thomas Menino AND got to meet A.J. Burnett.  I’ve watched him on the news pretty much every day since I moved to Boston so it was a little surreal to meet him in person!  He was very gracious and let us take some pictures.  Note how patriotic we are in our red, white, and blue.

After the sailing series, my boyfriend and I finished off the evening with dinner and drinks at Jerry Remy’s by the water.  The food was a little pricey ($14 for a salad) but tasty.  The burger came on fried dough.  ’nuff said!

NBA Doppelgangers

1 Jul

Do you ever watch basketball and think man, Chris Bosh looks exactly like Snoop Dogg? 

I swear they’re twins!   Now there’s an entire Tumblr dedicated to NBA doppelgangers.  Here are some of my favorites:

Walter Hermann/FabioWalter Hermann | Fabio

Mike Bibby/Verne TroyerMike Bibby | Verne Troyer

Andrei Kirilenko/Dolph LundgrenAndrei Kirilenko | Dolph Lundgren

Check out more comparisons on the site here

Who’s your favorite doppelganger?