Halloween Costume Ideas

25 Oct

Halloween weekend is coming right up- do you have your costume ready?  My friends and I love Halloween so we plan well in advance, but just in case you guys need last-minute ideas, here are my predictions for the biggest costumes of 2011.  Feel free to use one of them!

Black Swan
Expect to see a lot of swans running around- I’m betting most people prefer to be the black one.  It’s a great costume because it’s cute but still involves lots of crazy makeup.  Plus, what girl doesn’t like wearing a tutu?


Occupy Something
I have a feeling I’ll see a few Occupy Boston (or fill in your city) costumes.  It’s a controversial  movement but I think that  just makes people more eager to spoof it.  It’s also a really easy costume to make, perfect for the lazy last-minute party-goer.

With the new movie coming out in November, it wouldn’t surprise me to see some Twi-hards rocking fangs and colored contact lenses. 

I also wouldn’t be surprised to see zombies.  They’re always a popular costume, but with the new season of Walking Dead just beginning, you might see more zombies than you planned on!

Some more thoughts-

“Too Soon” Costume- Muammar Gaddafi
“So 2010” Costume- Snookie from Jersey Shore
“I Made My Boyfriend Wear It” Costume- Prince William & Kate Middleton

What are you being for Halloween?  What do you think the most popular costume this year will be?


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