25 Delicious Foods You’ll Never Eat Again

27 Sep

Montonsoup sent me an interesting article last night about 25 (mostly awesome) foods we’ll never get to eat again because they were discontinued.  Some of these items I understand- I mean Crystal Pepsi? No thanks.  But some deserve a little bit more attention for all the goods times they brought us:

If you’re a child of the late 80’s/early 90’s you remember Surge.  Delicious, electric green, full of caffeine.  Basically the most delicious drink ever invented.  If Coca Cola started making these again, I think I could die happy!


Fun faces, fruity flavors.  These were the best thing to find in your lunchbox!


Heinz Colored Ketchup
I remember this ketchup, and it was disgusting.  I guess the fun factor of using different colors didn’t outweigh how gross it looked to most people.  It’s funny how important color can be.  Heinz discontinued this product in 2006.

Oreo O’s Cereal
This cereal was delicious.  Was it healthy? Obviously not.  But I still don’t understand why it was discontinued. I mean Cookie Crisp is still around right?  So people clearly don’t mind eating cookies for breakfast!

If you want to see the full list of delicious food items you’ll never eat again, click here.   What’s your favorite discontinued food item?


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