Redbones BBQ

10 Aug

Recently, I found myself craving BBQ.  Although I’ve had Redbones BBQ before, I had never been to the actual restaurant so my boyfriend and I decided to make a trip out there.   I was pleasantly surprised to find it relatively hipster free (no small feat in Davis Sq!) and with a very friendly atmosphere. 

We were seated right away and the food came fast.  A great thing because I was starving!  Redbones serves its drinks in mason jars- so cute!  And my lemonade was delicious.

We ordered a feast!  My pulled pork sandwich was SO good.  The pork was tender, and the BBQ sauces were all excellent.

Word on the street is, the Redbones food truck will be cruising around Boston soon.  It’ll park at different locations and serve lunch and dinner.  I can’t wait to visit it!  I imagine it’s a bit bigger than the truck outside the restaurant now….

Do you have a favorite local BBQ place?


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