Au Bon Pain- Love it or Leave it?

28 Jun

I decided to go to Au Bon Pain (ABP) for lunch today to try their Black Bean Burger.  It comes on flatbread with guac, tomatoes, lettuce, and some sort of “fiery feta spread.”  I also got a medium size cup of grapefruit.

The burger was delicious.  Very filling and not too spicy.  I really liked it!  The grapefruit was ok.  I love grapefruit but I should have known better than to get it at ABP.  It tasted a little weird and I think that’s because it’s near other fruit and there’s probably cross contamination from the serving spoons. 

I’m sad the picture above distorts its size and makes it looks as big as the sandwich, but that cup of grapefruit was tiny.  Here you can see it in comparison to a Post-it note:

 See? Tiny!  And it cost $2.39!  The burger was $5.99 which is comparable to places in the area, but I was shocked at how much the fruit was.  I could buy two entire grapefruits for that price and have money left over!  I realize you’re paying for convenience but still….

So what do you think about ABP?  I’m still on the fence. I’ve been happy with their soups, and I really liked the black bean burger, but I’m not crazy about their prices.  I think they charge too much for what you actually get.  And I would be willing to live with a smaller selection if it meant lower prices.

ABP-love it or leave it?


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